Please select the school where you want to apply.

BC Secondary Building

British Curriculum

Admission application form for Foundation Stage to Year 13

CBSE Senior Building

CBSE Curriculum

Admission application form for Kindergarten 2 to Grade 12

Required Documents

Kindly ensure that a digital copy of following documents are ready:

  1. Letter of employment from the student's sponsor
    • Letter of employment for QG eligible employees residing in AKC with house address
    • Letter of employment for AKIS eligible employees with house address
    • Endorsement letter for QG eligible employees (RL based and residing in Al Khor /Al Dakhira)
  2. Coloured passport size photograph (student) and in jpeg format
  3. Student’s resident permit card (QID) – both sides
  4. Student's Passport – both sides
  5. Birth certificate
  6. Attested copy of the most recent school report (must be translated in English)- for Grade 2 applicants onwards
  7. Immunisation records
  8. Hamad Medical Card (HMC) - both sides
  9. Sponsor’s QID - both sides
  10. Sponsor’s Passport
  11. Other parent’s Passport
  12. Other parent’s QID - both sides
  13. Transfer certificate (TC) for Grade 2 applicants onwards (For CBSE Applicants)